Jacques Bourgeois

As lawyer, Jacques Bourgeois has represented clients before the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and other EU institutions, as well as before the European Courts in Luxembourg and Belgian courts. He assists clients on complex EU trade and market access issues, including antidumping investigations, anti-subsidies. He is also advising clients on matters related to the World Trade Organization, and has represented clients in WTO dispute settlement proceedings. He chaired a WTO dispute settlement panel.

Prior to returning to the bar in 1992, Jacques Bourgeois served for over 25 years as a senior official with the European Commission. From 1987 to 1991, he was the principal legal adviser of the Commission in charge of foreign trade policy and, later, antitrust policy. Previously, he served for several years as head of the Trade Policy Instruments Division in the Directorate-General for External Relations, and was responsible for the implementation of the EU's regulations on antidumping and subsidies, on safeguard measures and on protection against illicit commercial practices. He originally joined the Commission as a member of Legal Service in 1965 and was responsible for personnel issues, matters of institutional domain, agriculture and fisheries policy, and external relations.

Jacques Bourgeois is professor at the College of Europe and guest professor at the Ghent University. He was visiting professor at the University of Michigan Law School and Jean Monnet  professor at the Universität Bonn. He taught at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, the World Trade Institute  and the Sankt-Gallen Hochschule MBL Programma.

Jacques Bourgeois chairs the Special Advisory Commission Competition advising the Belgian government. He is member of the board of the Global Competition Law Centre and chairs the Brussels Antitrust Group.


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