Environmental Law

Project Research

Navigator Environmental Law

Financing: VITO
Period: 1 January 2001 til 31 Okcober 2011
Researchers: Jesse Lambrecht - Hans Van Landeghem
Promoter: Prof. dr. Luc Lavrysen


Financing: IWT
Period: 1 January 2006 till 31 October 2010
Researchers: dr. Carole Billiet - Roel Meeus - Nicky Broeckhoven - Sofie Renders
Promoter: Prof. dr. Luc Lavrysen

Doctoral Research

The Impact of the jurisdiciton concerning Environmental Planning on the genesis and execution of Private Contracts

Financing: faculty
Promoter: Prof. dr. Geert Van Hoorick
researcher: Frederik Haentjens.

The transaction as mechanism of sanctionning in environmental policy.

Financieing: faculty
Kind of research: doctoral research
Researcher: Roel Meeus
Promoter: Prof. dr. Luc Lavrysen