Environmental & Energy Law


Logo Centre for Environmental and Energy LawThe Centre for Environmental and Energy Law (in Dutch Centrum voor Milieu- en Energierecht, hence the abbreviation CMER) is the research group that conducts research about  environmental law and energy law. It is situated within the Department of European, Public and International Law of the Faculty of Law and Criminology of Ghent University. The CMER’s research includes  fundamental (PhD)  and applied (policy oriented) legal and policy research, and  multidisciplinary research. It covers different layers of law (international, European and national/regional, with a comparative law approach) as well as the various sectors of  environmental law and energy law (climate, energy, biodiversity, pollution, land-use, animals, etc.). Through its research and the organization of workshops, conferences and symposia the CMER aims to be a driving force for sustainable development and  the transition towards a carbon neutral economy.

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