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The Russian Federation is by far the largest neighbour of the European Union. It is our third largest trading partner, our main energy supplier, and one of the major geopolitical players in Eurasia. More specifically Russia is also one of the main economic partners of Flanders and Ghent. It is clear that Russia is an important and valuable partner, on the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

The ambition of the UGent Russia Platform is to coordinate, facilitate and stimulate cooperation with Russia and knowledge about Russia in the field of education, research and service to society. Promoting exchange of students, researcher and professors is the first priority of the Russia Platform. Establishing new research collaborations and broadening existing research collaborations is the second priority. Thirdly, we envisage the Russia Platform as a knowledge centre to understand what is driving the decisions and policies of Russia and to valorise this knowledge with Flemish partners, like the city, the province, VOKA, FIT, the Port of Ghent and Oostende, and Ghent University itself.


The Russia Platform has 3 main objectives:

  • promoting exchange of students, researcher and professors
  • establishing new research collaborations and broadening existing research collaborations
  • establishing an expert knowledge centre on Russia via CERISE


In order to reach these objectives, the Russia Platform has set a number of specific milestones:

  • Milestone 1: increase the number of outgoing exchange students by 50 % and attract 25 % more incoming Russian students in at least five faculties, within three years
  • Milestone 2: increase the number of Joint PhD’s by 100 % within 3 years and attract 50 % more PhD’s (in 2014-2015 there were 26 Russian PhD students)
  • Milestone 3: apply for at least two interdisciplinary research projects with the platform within three years and generate more output (from specialist courses within the doctoral schools framework over colloquia and conferences to publications) in collaboration with Russian partners and about Russia and Russia – related topics
  • Milestone 4: establish cooperation with at least two Russia centres in the coming three years (agreement), preferably through a joint seminar or conference
  • Milestone 5: establish double/joint degree master programmes with Russian partners in at least two faculties within 5 years
  • Milestone 6: create a learning network inside UGent about cooperation with Russia
  • Milestone 7: in the first two years we aim to establish a number of practical co-operations and activities with our external local partners. We envisage trainings, information sessions, missions, hosting delegations, debates, consultancy for topical projects etc.

Platform Structure

The steering group is the decision-making body of the Russia Platform, with representatives from all faculties. The daily management is assumed by the chairmen Prof. Ben Dhooge and Prof. Fabienne Bossuyt and by the coordinator Mrs. Delfien Cloet. Once a year the advisory board convenes, where representatives from the local partners meet.

  • Chairmen: Prof. Ben Dhooge (Faculty of Arts & Philosophy) and Prof. Fabienne Bossuyt (Faculty of Political & Social Sciences)
  • Coordinator: Mrs. Anna Sashchenko (International Relations Office)
  • Daily management
  • Director for Internationalisation (Prof. Guido Van Huylenbroeck)
  • Representatives of each faculty:
    • Prof. Piet Van Poucke ,Prof. Ben Dhooge/Prof. Aleksiy Yudin, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
    • Prof. Peter Van Elsuwege, Faculty of Law
    • Prof. Johan de Grave, Faculty of Sciences
    • Prof. Dimitri Krysko, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
    • Prof. Geert Verdoolaege/Prof. em. Guido Van Oost, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
    • Prof. Koen Schoors, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
    • Prof. Hans Nauwynck, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
    • Prof. Robert Hartsuiker, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
    • Prof. André Skirtach, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
    • Prof. Sarah De Saeger, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Prof. Fabienne Bossuyt/Prof. Thijs Van de Graaf, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
    • Dr. Dieter De Bruyn, central administration
  • Researchers from different faculties from Ghent University doing research on Russia
  • Daily management
  • Representatives of the external partners

 Visit Russian Trade Representation @UGent 2014The external partners are:

The platform has links with the Belgian-Russian and Flemish-Russian Chambers of Commerce and with the Russian Trade representation, as well as with FIT (Flanders Investment and Trade).

Expertise on Russia 

You can find an overview of researchers with expertise on Russia.


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