Student Counselling Office

The Student Counselling Office of Ghent University offers information, professional advice and counselling concerning the different aspects of a study career, before, during and after the period of study.

Who - where - when

This service is at the disposal of all students, prospective students or anyone else interested in studying at Ghent University.

Student Counselling Office (in Dutch: Afdeling Studieadvies)

Ufo (University Forum)
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33
B-9000 Gent
+ 32 9 331 00 31

Opening hours

From Monday till Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Free entrance; for individual counselling it is recommended to make an appointment through the reception desk or by phone.
Bookings for the workshops also via the reception desk.


All our services are free, except for the medical consultations.

Information desk

In your search for information and advice, the information desk is the starting point in the Student Counselling Office. The staff members try to find an immediate answer to your questions and problems by giving information; if necessary an appointment is made with an adviser or other.

Information for international students as well as information brochures concerning all branches of study at Ghent University can be obtained from the information desk, to be reached by phone or e-mail.

Information library

The Student Counselling Office disposes of 2 libraries:

  • For prospective students looking for information concerning (academic) study programmes, first year (Bachelor degree) course books, information from other Flemish universities and other institutions of Higher Education. This information library is accessible every working day.
  • For students looking for information about postgraduate studies in Belgium; information on the Belgian labour market; information for graduates who want to enter the labour market; labour market surveys and trends, application and selection procedures, job vacancies, etc.

Study career counselling

For each step or problem in a student's study career, a team of advisers is available to talk over study matters and study choices.

Information and counselling on the curricula, the foreknowledge and the aptitudes required, examination regulations, switch-over possibilities, bridging courses, etc.

Study problems and study skills

A psychologist is available to guide students in finding the appropriate study attitude and functional study skills. Students are helped to remedy problematic matters as lack of concentration, study planning and time management, problems with writing a paper or dissertation, declining motivation, procrastination,…

Each semester workshops on study skills and related topics are organized in small groups (in Dutch). Booking is necessary.

Personal / psychological problems

A psychologist is available for confidential counselling for students who cope with study problems because of personal distress; (pre)exam nerves, strain, fear of failure, relational problems, self-assertion, home sickness, depression,…

For individual counselling it is strongly recommended to make an appointment. Yearly workshops in small groups are organized about how to deal with fear of failure (in Dutch). Booking is necessary.

Postgraduate studies

Extensive information about (advanced) master programmes and other further study possibilities at Ghent University is supplied by the Advisory Centre for Students. In the information library information on study programmes at other Belgian universities and institutions of Higher Education is also available.

Individual counselling (by appointment) may help to consider a motivated choice that suits into your professional ambitions.

Doctoral studies

The Student Counselling Office provides information about doctoral studies and taking a PhD at UGent.  In spring information sessions are organized in cooperation with the Research Department.

PhD students who are facing psychosocial work related problems like stress, pressure to perform, interpersonal tensions or conflicts can be helped by the central  confidential person (09 264 82 82 – every working day between 9 and 12 am - In the event of a conflict with your promotor concerning the course contents, this matter can be referred to the faculty ombudsperson for PHD’s or the institutional ombudsperson. When it concerns a personal, psychological problem, we will refer you to an external therapist/service after your first appointment with a student psychologist.

A specific information session in English for international students interested in PhD research at Ghent University is yearly organized.

Career service

Final-year and graduated students, in transition from study to work, are offered a helping hand with professional advice in finding their way on the labour market in Belgium as well as in other European member states. Information sessions about labour market related topics are organised in spring.

Individual counselling by appointment is also possible.