Workshops for students

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Copyright foto Dries LuytenMaximizing (study) efficiency

Do you want to improve your study skills and thereby tackle your procrastination, perfectionism, fear (of failure), stress…?

Join our interactive workshop and learn how to study efficiently.

All workshops take place in small groups and are free of charge. The workshops take 2 hours each.

Practical guidance, wise tips to get started and keep working, it's a powerful motivation!

Meer stress, relatie-ontevredenheid en huiselijk geweld door aanhoudende coronamaatregelen?Stress less

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by stress while studying? Does this often lead to physical complaints or even a panic attack?

Do you feel constantly agitated or rushed? Are you no longer able to relax or don't know how to relax?

Does this prevent you from fully concentrating on studying?

During this 2-hour workshop, you will learn to recognize signs of stress. That way, you can intervene early and avoid being overwhelmed while studying. You will be introduced to different stress reduction techniques and will also have the opportunity to practice them during the workshop.

In this on campus training we will make a personal stress management plan. You will learn to recognize your stress signals more quickly. This way you can intervene early and avoid becoming completely overwhelmed while studying. Various stress reduction techniques will be explained. They will also be practiced together and handed out to you to continue practicing at home.

It provides good insights and tools to help deal with stress.

Train je veerkracht met gratis workshops over piekeren en slaapproblemenWellbeing

For all students in Ghent, there are free workshops covering a wide range of topics concerning mental wellbeing.

These workshops are a collaboration between all higher education institutes of Ghent, City of Ghent, Logo Gezond+ and Fonds GavoorGeluk.


Individual counselling

Do you still have questions after participating in a workshop? Are there certain worries on your mind you would rather talk about individually?

The student psychologists also offer individual counselling. You can make an appointment via the online agenda.


Do you have questions about which workshop to follow? Can't find your way to the right help?