Prof. dr. Joanna Lahey will present her paper 'Age and the labor market for Hispanics in the United States’

'Junior' presenter: dr. Bo Kang and prof. dr. Tijl De Bie will present their project 'FEAST: a Fair, Effective And Sustainable Talent management platformFEAST: a Fair, Effective And Sustainable Talent management platform'

Discussant: TBD

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Els Clays will present TBD.

'Junior' presenter: drs. Philippe Sterkens presented his paper 'When burnout tips the scales against you: An experimental investigation of employees’ burnout history in layoff decisions'

Discussant: prof. dr. Greet Van Hoye

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Amy Van Looy presented her paper 'Employees’ attitudes towards intelligent robots: a dilemma analysis'.

'Junior' presenter: drs. Kevin Pineda-Hernández presented his paper 'Moving-up The Social Ladder? Intergenerational Earnings Mobility Among Immigrants in Belgium'

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Stijn Baert presented his paper 'Costly Mistakes: Why and When Spelling Errors in Resumes Jeopardise Interview Chances'

Prof. dr. Katrin Auspurg presented her paper 'Understanding the ‘why’ and ‘when’ aspects of ethnic discrimination and segregation: A multifactorial experimental approach to explore mechanisms and conditions on the German housing market’

'Junior' presenter: dra. Larissa Bolliger presented her paper 'STRAW Project: Disentangling the sources and context of day-to-day STRess At Work – how job strain influences our work-life interference.'

Discussant: dr. Anneleen Mortier

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Bert George presented his research line 'The Learning Public Organization: The Construct, Its Measurement and Barriers to Implementation'

'Junior' presenter: dra. Hannah Van Borm presented her paper 'Diving in the Minds of Recruiters: When do Stereotypes Affect the Hiring Chances of Women?'

Discussant: dr. Stijn Schelfhout

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Mariek Vanden Abeele presented her research line 'The Science Behind Digital Wellbeing and Disconnection'

'Junior' presenter: dra. Céline Baele presented her paper 'Morality Matters: The relative impact of 'moral demands' on indicators of wellbeing in healthcare employees. The development and validation of the Moral Distress-Appraisal Scale.'

Discussant: prof. dr. Els Clays

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Lieven Annemans presented his research line 'Wellbeing @ Work: Testing the job-demands resources (J-DR) model in the Belgian COVID19-context'

'Junior' presenter: dra. Margo Ketels presented her paper 'Let’s make physically demanding jobs sustainable: Insights into the physical activity health paradox'

Discussant: prof. dr. Mieke Audenaert

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Bart Cockx presented his paper 'How does working-time flexibility affect workers’ productivity in a routine job? Evidence from a field experiment'

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #1 – 19 January 2021 (click for programme, abstracts, and presentations)

'Junior' presenter: drs. Elias Janssen presented his paper 'Unraveling the complex relation between career success and career crafting: Exploring curvilinearity and the moderating role of learning value of the job'

Discussant: prof. dr. Filip De Fruyt

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Peter Vlerick presented his research line 'How work and organizational psychology can contribute in tackling jointly work related problems: Examples and learning points'