• External UGent @ Work seminar #3–#5 – 28 June 2022 (click for programme, abstract and presentation)

Prof. dr. Jos Akkermans will present his research on job crafting

Prof. dr. Evangelia Demerouti will present her research on intervention studies

Prof. dr. Arnold Bakker will present his research on the Job Demands-Resources model

  • External UGent @ Work seminar #2 – 27 June 2022 (click for programme, abstract and presentation)

Prof. dr. Joanna Lahey will present her paper 'Age and the labor market for Hispanics in the United States’

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #8 – 9 June 2022 (click for programme, abstracts, and presentations)

'Junior' presenter: dr. Bo Kang and prof. dr. Tijl De Bie will present their project 'FEAST: a Fair, Effective And Sustainable Talent management platformFEAST: a Fair, Effective And Sustainable Talent management platform'

Discussant: TBD

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Els Clays will present TBD.

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #7

'Junior' presenter: drs. Philippe Sterkens presented his paper 'When burnout tips the scales against you: An experimental investigation of employees’ burnout history in layoff decisions'

Discussant: prof. dr. Greet Van Hoye

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Amy Van Looy presented her paper 'Employees’ attitudes towards intelligent robots: a dilemma analysis'.

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #6 – 21 December 2021

'Junior' presenter: drs. Kevin Pineda-Hernández presented his paper 'Moving-up The Social Ladder? Intergenerational Earnings Mobility Among Immigrants in Belgium'

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Stijn Baert presented his paper 'Costly Mistakes: Why and When Spelling Errors in Resumes Jeopardise Interview Chances'

  • External UGent @ Work seminar #1 –26 November 2021

Prof. dr. Katrin Auspurg presented her paper 'Understanding the ‘why’ and ‘when’ aspects of ethnic discrimination and segregation: A multifactorial experimental approach to explore mechanisms and conditions on the German housing market’

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #5 – 28 October 2021

'Junior' presenter: dra. Larissa Bolliger presented her paper 'STRAW Project: Disentangling the sources and context of day-to-day STRess At Work – how job strain influences our work-life interference.'

Discussant: dr. Anneleen Mortier

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Bert George presented his research line 'The Learning Public Organization: The Construct, Its Measurement and Barriers to Implementation'

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #4 – 8 July 2021

'Junior' presenter: dra. Hannah Van Borm presented her paper 'Diving in the Minds of Recruiters: When do Stereotypes Affect the Hiring Chances of Women?'

Discussant: dr. Stijn Schelfhout

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Mariek Vanden Abeele presented her research line 'The Science Behind Digital Wellbeing and Disconnection'

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #3 – 25 May 2021

'Junior' presenter: dra. Céline Baele presented her paper 'Morality Matters: The relative impact of 'moral demands' on indicators of wellbeing in healthcare employees. The development and validation of the Moral Distress-Appraisal Scale.'

Discussant: prof. dr. Els Clays

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Lieven Annemans presented his research line 'Wellbeing @ Work: Testing the job-demands resources (J-DR) model in the Belgian COVID19-context'

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #2 – 18 March 2021

'Junior' presenter: dra. Margo Ketels presented her paper 'Let’s make physically demanding jobs sustainable: Insights into the physical activity health paradox'

Discussant: prof. dr. Mieke Audenaert

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Bart Cockx presented his paper 'How does working-time flexibility affect workers’ productivity in a routine job? Evidence from a field experiment'

  • Internal UGent @ Work seminar #1 – 19 January 2021

'Junior' presenter: drs. Elias Janssen presented his paper 'Unraveling the complex relation between career success and career crafting: Exploring curvilinearity and the moderating role of learning value of the job'

Discussant: prof. dr. Filip De Fruyt

'Senior' presenter: prof. dr. Peter Vlerick presented his research line 'How work and organizational psychology can contribute in tackling jointly work related problems: Examples and learning points'