Summer School


Title: Multi- and interdisciplinary research on wellbeing at work

Language: English

Level: Academic Master is a prerequisite

Target group: PhD students whose research relates (in the broad sense) to wellbeing at work. The Summer School is recognized by the Doctoral Schools at Ghent University as a specialist course in the Doctoral Training Programme.

Abstract: Few topics are studied in so many disciplines as wellbeing at work. Therefore, to thoroughly answer research questions related to wellbeing at work, it is necessary to surpass a merely monodisciplinary approach. In the UGent @ Work Summer School, participants from multiple disciplines will (i) be immersed in the literature on wellbeing at work by means of multidisciplinary seminars by internationally renowned experts, (ii) draw up an original, interdisciplinary research proposal in collaboration with another participant from another discipline, and (iii) attend a public event with HR practitioners which will stress the importance of research on wellbeing at work in practice.


  • The lectures are given by four UGent-professors affiliated to the interdisciplinary research consortium (IDC) UGent @ Work and five external professors.
    • Prof. dr. Mieke Audenaert (UGent)
    • Prof. dr. Els Clays (UGent)
    • Prof. dr. Lutgart Braeckamn (UGent)
    • Prof. dr. Mariek Vanden Abeele (UGent)
    • Prof. dr. Eva Derous (UGent)
    • Prof. dr. Evangelia Demerouti (external, Eindhoven University of Technology)
    • Prof. dr. Arnold Bakker (external, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)
    • Prof. dr. Jos Akkermans (external, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
    • Prof. dr. Hans De Witte (external, KU Leuven)
    • Prof. dr. Nele De Cuyper (external, KU Leuven)
  • The 2022 course is coordinated by the coordinator of UGent @ Work, dr. Brecht Neyt.


27 June 2022–1 July 2022


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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

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