Faculty Committee for Internationalisation


The Faculty Committee for Internationalisation (FCI) is responsible for promoting all activities concerning internationalisation within the faculty, for instance within the framework of the Erasmus programme.

Given the globalisation of education, the main objective is to ensure that the faculty plays a role in the European and the international educational context and grows into a quality campus with an international character.

Specific objectives:

  • Integration of the faculty’s study programmes in an European and an international educational context
  • Promoting the exchange of students, both incoming and outgoing mobility
  • Promoting international staff mobility
  • Creating an international atmosphere on campus

Members 2022-2023

The chairman (director of studies), one member from each master programme, two students and the director of Doctoral Schools.

The dean, the policy worker Quality Control, the policy worker Internationalisation, the International Relations Officer and a member of the Faculty Student Administration take part in the meeting without voting rights.

The FCI is appointed annually.

In IFRI meetings at central level, the FCI chairman represents the faculty.


Prof. Dominique Adriaens

Members master programmes

Mathematics: Prof. Leo Storme

Physics and Astronomy: Prof. Bartel Van Waeyenberge

Informatics: Prof. Gunnar Brinkmann

Chemistry: Prof. Anna Kaczmarek

Biochemistry and Biotechnology: Prof. Geert van Loo

Biology: Prof. Luc Lens

Geology: Prof. Marc De Batist

Geography and Geomatics: Prof. Haosheng Huang

Physical Land Resources: Prof. Rudi Goossens

Nematology: Inge Dehennin

Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management + IMBRSea: dr. Luana Da Costa Monteiro

Statistical Data Analysis: Prof. Koen Plevoets

Plant Biotechnology: Prof. Geert van Loo

Bioinformatics: Prof. Kathleen Marchal

Directeur Doctoral Schools: Prof. Frank Witlox

Commission Development Cooperation: Prof. Kristine Walraevens

Ghent University Global Campus: prof. Geert van Loo

International Council: prof. Marleen De Troch


Jules Vandenbroeck - MSc in Physics & Astronomy

Nico Djuh - MSc in Biology

Members without voting rights

Dean: Prof. Isabel Van Driessche

Policy worker Quality Control: Charlotte De Volder

Policy worker Internationalisation: Anja Sandrap

International Relations Officer: Regine Coolen

Member Student Administration: Joeri Delamane



Anja Sandrap

Policy worker internationalisation, staff mobility, bilateral agreements

Regine Coolen

Student mobility