PhD defenses

The following list provides an overview of all upcoming PhD defenses at Ghent University. The specified links refer to our Dutch website.


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21-06-2018 16:00 Study of intestinal homeostasis and pathology through mouse gene targeting Slowicka, Karolina Faculty of Sciences
22-06-2018 14:30 Anthracene-based crosslinked polymer systems with tunable thermo- and photoreversible properties. Van Damme, Jonas Faculty of Sciences
22-06-2018 16:00 Drowned landscapes of the Belgian Continental Shelf: implications for northwest European landscape evolution and preservation potential for submerged heritage. Maikel, De Clercq Faculty of Sciences
25-06-2018 10:00 Sustainable Rangeland Management In Iran: Towards A Policy-oriented Decision Support Model Khedri Gharibvand, Hojatollah Faculty of Sciences
25-06-2018 16:15 Inverse source problems in fractional evolutionary PDEs Šišková, Katarína Faculty of Sciences
26-06-2018 14:30 The development of rotaxanes, dynamic miktoarm star polymers and photo-responsive hydrogel networks via non-covalent interactions Hou, Zhanyao Faculty of Sciences
26-06-2018 17:00 A Kaleidoscopic View of Multivariate Copulas and Quasi-copulas Arias García, José De Jesús Faculty of Sciences
27-06-2018 16:00 Network based modelling for omics data. Mushthofa, Mushthofa Faculty of Sciences
29-06-2018 17:00 Dealing with imbalanced and weakly labelled data in machine learning using fuzzy and rough set methods. Vluymans, Sarah Faculty of Sciences
06-07-2018 14:00 The hormonal regulation of etiolated Arabidopsis seedling development upon underground germination Smet, Dajo Faculty of Sciences