PhD defenses

The following list provides an overview of all upcoming PhD defenses at Ghent University. The specified links refer to our Dutch website.


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23-04-2018 15:00 The fundamental role of cardiac tissue morphology in electrical signal propagation Kudryashova, Nina Faculty of Sciences
24-04-2018 15:00 Investigation of the doping effect in bimetallic Metal-Organic Frameworks to tune their structural Depauw, Hannes Faculty of Sciences
26-04-2018 17:00 Cadherin repertoires in lower metazoans- Trichoplax adhaerens and Nematostella vectensis Sundararaman Iyer, Srividhya Faculty of Sciences
03-05-2018 16:00 The structure, modelling and abstraction of urban networks in Southeast Asia: evidence from intercity transport networks. Dai, Liang Faculty of Sciences
08-05-2018 17:00 Isotopic analysis of mercury (Hg) via multi-collector ICP-mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS) - Method development & Applications Rúa Ibarz, Ana Faculty of Sciences
24-05-2018 14:00 Development of laboratory and synchrotron based 2D/3D XRF techniques for multidisciplinary research Laforce, Brecht Faculty of Sciences