PhD defenses

The following list provides an overview of all upcoming PhD defenses at Ghent University. The specified links refer to our Dutch website.


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25-02-2019 15:00 The Development of Biopolymer based Systems for (Burn) Wound Treatment Stubbe, Birgit Faculty of Sciences
25-02-2019 16:00 World city formation and the Jakarta metropolitan area Indraprahasta, Galuh Syahbana Faculty of Sciences
25-02-2019 17:30 Phosphorylation mediates high temperature signalling in plants Vu, Lam Dai Faculty of Sciences
26-02-2019 16:00 Optimization of lignocellulosic biomass for the bio-refinery with Arabidopsis and poplar as model systems de Vries, Lisanne Faculty of Sciences
28-02-2019 17:00 Diversity of nematodes associated with fungal fruit bodies and evolutionary patterns of nematode spermatogenesis Slos, Dieter Faculty of Sciences
01-03-2019 17:00 Characterization of the dynamics in growth regulating protein complexes in maize Bontinck, Michiel Faculty of Sciences
01-03-2019 17:00 Novel methods designed for diagnostic methylome profiling of blood circulating cell-free DNA. Expanding the liquid biopsy molecular toolbox. De Koker, Andries Faculty of Sciences
12-03-2019 16:00 Towards Biocompatible CdSe/CdS@SiO2 Nanoparticles for Intracellular Labeling Drijvers, Emile Faculty of Sciences
14-03-2019 15:00 Chromium-doped near-infrared phosphors for in vivo imaging De Clercq, Olivier Faculty of Sciences
15-03-2019 15:00 What's in a name? On the importance of species delineation in Dictyotales Steen, Frederique Faculty of Sciences
19-03-2019 16:00 Holocene dinoflagellate cysts and other palynomorphs from northern hemisphere estuaries: taxonomy, distribution, geochemistry and paleoecological application Gurdebeke, Pieter Faculty of Sciences