PhD defenses

The following list provides an overview of all upcoming PhD defenses at Ghent University. The specified links refer to our Dutch website.


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26-04-2019 16:00 Expanding the chemical toolbox of hormone-related small molecules: the ethylene-auxin crosstalk Depaepe, Thomas Faculty of Sciences
29-04-2019 16:00 Atomic layer deposition of Ruthenium and Silver Minjauw, Matthias Faculty of Sciences
30-04-2019 17:00 A collection of tools and resources to explore gene expression, regulation, and alternative splicing Vaneechoutte, Dries Faculty of Sciences
02-05-2019 17:00 Exploring protein therapeutics to fight tuberculosis van Schie, Loes Faculty of Sciences
02-05-2019 17:00 Tree diversity as a driver of resource heterogeneity and its impact on an understorey plant species Sercu, Bram Faculty of Sciences
03-05-2019 16:00 Signalling integration, regulation and specificity of plant GSK3-like kinases Houbaert, Anaxi Faculty of Sciences
08-05-2019 17:30 Sex, gene flow and genetic structure in the pennate diatom Seminavis robusta De Decker, Sam Faculty of Sciences
09-05-2019 15:00 Towards the application of functional lanthanide based materials Liu, Jing Faculty of Sciences
13-05-2019 13:00 Statistical methods for differential proteomics at peptide and protein level Goeminne, Ludger Faculty of Sciences
24-05-2019 16:00 Cold-water corals in the Bay of Biscay; a chronicle of Holocene variability in the North Atlantic oceanic circulation Collart, Tim Faculty of Sciences