PhD defenses

The following list provides an overview of all upcoming PhD defenses at Ghent University. The specified links refer to our Dutch website.


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07-02-2020 17:00 mRNA-based therapeutics to induce immunity against cancer and infectious diseases Van Hoecke, Lien Faculty of Sciences
07-02-2020 17:00 Ecological and genetic basis for sustainable fishery for the Atlantic seabob shrimp Xiphopenaeus kroyeri in the Guianan Ecoregion, South America Kerkhove, Thomas Faculty of Sciences
12-02-2020 17:00 Protein cysteine sulfenylation in plant stress responses: a journey through the organelles De Smet, Barbara Faculty of Sciences
17-02-2020 16:00 ERF114 and ERF115 mediated regulation of plant regeneration and development Canher, Balkan Faculty of Sciences
17-02-2020 16:00 Linking multi-scale structures of building materials to their acoustic properties with micro-CT Meftah, Redouane Faculty of Sciences
19-02-2020 16:00 A Journey Towards the Development of Synthetic Receptors for the Ionophoric Foodborne Toxins Beauvericin, Enniatins and Cereulide - Setting Sail to Possible Applications Ornelis, Vincent Faculty of Sciences
21-02-2020 16:00 Contourite depositional systems in the Le Danois Bank region, southern Bay of Biscay: sedimentary, tectonic and paleoceanographic implications Liu, Shan Faculty of Sciences
21-02-2020 17:00 The art in artificial promoters - Design and validation of synthetic promoters in Arabidopsis, tomato, and maize during early leaf development Vercruysse, Jasmien Faculty of Sciences
02-03-2020 11:00 Phenotypic plasticity in zebrafish (Danio rerio) linked to rearing density Martini, Arianna Faculty of Sciences
05-03-2020 09:00 Functionalization Of Nanostructured Tungsten Oxide Thin Films For Nanodevices: From Optoelectronics, Ionics, To Iontronics Hai, Zhenyin Faculty of Sciences
11-03-2020 14:00 Holocene environmental evolution of the Middle and Lower Scheldt basin in northern Belgium: A multi-proxy study. Storme, Annelies Faculty of Sciences