What trainings in science, data analysis and methodology do we currently have on offer?

Current trainings

Data Analysis

Course program for 2022-2023

People and businesses gather data constantly. Maybe you need to make business decisions about investments or know when to renew your machinery, decide whether a drug is effective for curing a disease or make an estimate of quarterly revenue. Everything starts with data. A correct analysis of that data is crucial. In these trainings you learn

  • hands on
  • what techniques to use
  • which pitfalls to look out for
  • how to present the results clearly and professionally
  • draw the right conclusions


Urban Green

Today, some 55% of the world's population – 4.2 billion inhabitants – live in cities. In Europe this is more than 75% and this trend is expected to continue.

Global climate change is not only causing longer periods of extremely hot weather but also extended periods of intense rainfall. In cities this leads to almost unbearable high temperatures in summer and an increased risk of flooding. Introducing more green in cities is known to lower both temperatures and the risk of flooding. Governments are now drawing up guidelines to achieve just that amongst other things by limiting the use of impermeable building materials such as concrete, actively removing these materials to introduce more green and applying the newest insights in urban development.

This course will shine light on the many different aspects of urban green.

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