What training in science, data analysis and methodology do we currently have on offer?

Current trainings

Data Analysis

Course program for 2023-2024

People and businesses continuously gather data. Maybe you need to make business decisions about investments or to know when to renew your machinery, decide whether a drug is effective for treating a disease or reliably predict the quarterly revenue. Everything starts with data. A correct analysis of that data in view of the key questions is crucial.

Generative AI voor bedrijven

Discover the strategic value of generative AI for your business with our specially designed training, accessible to business leaders, managers, and anyone who wants to understand how this technology can create tangible business value.

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Passed trainings

Kunststofmaterialen van vandaag en morgen

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Blue Opportunity Day 2023

🌊 Join us at the Blue Opportunity Day! 🌊

Are you passionate about technology, innovation, and the future of our blue economy? Don't miss the second edition of the Blue Opportunity Day, organized by Ghent University and Marine@UGent on July 7, 2023, in Ghent.

Immerse yourself in a full day of captivating lectures by leading experts and discover how technology and transdisciplinary collaboration can shape a sustainable blue economy in Europe.