Glass workshop

In our glass workshop, we design and construct (borosilicate) glass instruments for chemical, physical and biological research.

Depending on the requirements of your project, glass can be combined with other materials and in cooperation with our departments for electronics and mechanics.

Glas draaibank




We also process (cutting, sawing, flame polishing, sandblasting) your borosilicate flat glass ('window glass').

Beside this, we also perform repairs to existing glass instruments in borosilicate glass.


! With regard to the personal safety of our technicians who are manually treating and often actually touching the glasswork with their mouth (glassblowing), it's obvious that your glasswork should be thoroughly cleaned and free of chemical and/or biological residues before bringing it in for repair.

Moreover, due to the very high temperatures the glasswork is exposed to during repair, toxic fumes might be released and inhaled by the technician.

In case of accidents in our glass workshop due to residuals not (adequately) removed, the customer in question will be faced with the responsibilities and consequences.

The glassware-to-be-repaired you bring to our workshop always needs to be accompanied by this filled out and signed declaration of cleansing.

Failure from the customers side to comply with the above requirements, will reserve us the right of refusing your glasswork.