Partners & support

Volunteers and societies

You like plants and are looking for a sensible hobby? The Botanical Garden welcomes volunteers!

The Botanical Garden maintains dynamic relationships with several societies of plant enthusiasts. They usually hold their meetings in or near the garden. Quite a few organise lectures and exhibitions and help us maintain specialised plant collections. Some of them even have their library located in the garden.

Satellite garden

The Belgian Hydrangea Society — Hydrangeum vzw — manages a collection of about 600 botanische species and cultivars of the genus Hydrangea. The society endeavours to enhance horticultural and botanical knowledge of these plants. Read more...

Donations & sponsors

Several associations and individual supporters regularly donate to the Botanical Garden. These funds are a welcome addition to the budget. We use them to realise the garden’s objectives.

The Botanical Garden’s management is grateful for all support granted by its sponsors.