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24-04-2017 17:00 Baert, Jan Environmental dependency of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships
26-04-2017 18:00 Slomka, Vera Nutrient mediated modulation of the oral microbiota
28-04-2017 16:00 Peters, Gert Expanding the metabolic engineering toolbox to rationally and predictably modulate gene expression at the transcriptional and translational level.
28-04-2017 16:00 De Mil, Tom Intra-annual to multi-decadal xylem traits in a tropical moist semi-deciduous forest of Central Africa.
05-05-2017 17:30 Do Hoai, Duc Quantification of volatile organic compounds in ten cities across three continents
08-05-2017 16:00 Van Rymenant, Evelien Development of an in vitro screening assay to study the bioavailability and vasorelaxant activity of polyphenols
09-05-2017 15:00 De Vreese, Rob Synthesis of thiaheterocyclic benzohydroxamic acids and evaluation of their HDAC6 inhibitory activity
16-05-2017 16:00 Delefortrie, Samuël Optimizing reliability of small-loop frequency domain electromagnetic survey data.
22-05-2017 16:00 Auvinen, Reeta Hannele Assessing and improving the removal of contaminants of emerging concern in intensified constructed wetlands
22-05-2017 17:00 Remy, Elyn Nitrogen cycling and sequestration in temperate forest edges
24-05-2017 16:00 Shumeta, Zekarias Impact of cooperatives on smallholder coffee producers in Southwest Ethiopia
30-05-2017 16:00 Kips, Lies Characterization and processing of horticultural byproducts: a case study of tomato and Belgian endive roots