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27-09-2017 16:00 Rysman, Tine Protein oxidation in meat products: Effects of apple phenolics during storage and digestion
27-09-2017 16:00 Byloos, Bo The interaction of bacteria with volcanic rocks on Earth and in Space.
28-09-2017 17:00 Verhasselt, Sigrid Development of novel blebbistatin derivatives in the quest for improved non-muscle myosin II inhibitors
29-09-2017 12:45 Dillen, Mathias Local neighbourhood tree species composition effects in young forest stands: Impact of stress, species identity and multitrophic interactions.
29-09-2017 16:30 Obando Chaves, Monica Impact of lipid and protein co-oxidation on digestibility of dairy proteins.
02-10-2017 18:00 Corne, Tobias Molecular dissection of A-type lamin-regulated pathways.
06-10-2017 16:00 Berton, Jan Synthesis and reactivity of allenyl- and aminoallenylphosphonates
11-10-2017 10:00 Laranja, Joseph Amorphous Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate (PHB)-accumulating Bacillus spp. as biocontrol agents in crustacean culture
13-10-2017 16:00 Zheng, Liang Light quality effects on anatomy and physiology of ornamentals differing in their photosynthetic pathways
13-10-2017 17:00 Vanlancker, Eline The impact of chemotherapy on the host microbiota in the context of oral and gastrointestinal mucositis.
18-10-2017 15:00 Dolfen, Jeroen New strategies for the construction of heterocyclic systems through ring transformation of aziridines and azetidines.
18-10-2017 17:00 Folens, Karel Impact of speciation on the removal and recovery of trace elements from aqueous streams.
19-10-2017 17:00 Sieprath, Tom Exploring the role of A-type lamins in cellular oxidative stress.
31-10-2017 16:00 Trooskens, Geert Epigenetic Profiling in Cance
06-11-2017 16:00 Tsilia, Varvara Bacillus cereus diarrheal food poisoning: detection of enterotoxins and role of mucus for intestinal adherence