Ghent University (UGent) is one of the major Belgian universities in the Dutch-speaking region of Europe. 11 faculties offer a wide range of courses and conduct in-depth research in both exact and social sciences.

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Multiscreen households and Focus on Demand aggregation to make very high-speed broadband deployments a success

The telecom industry has been looking hard for the 'killer app' that will boost the adoption of high-speed broadband access. According to researchers of Ghent University, the success depends of a breakthrough of the multiscreen households.

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Ghent University and imec show light and sound interaction in nanoscale area

Scientists from Ghent University and imec have announced that they demonstrated interaction between light and sound in a nanoscale waveguide.

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New popular cultural programme Low Countries Studies launched

A course about Flanders, Belgium and the Netherlands for international students and researchers. That is the subject of the English course Low Countries Studies, now organized for the 20th time.

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