Internationalisation@Home (I@H)


Every year our faculty receives a budget to support I@H activities.

I@H is an overarching concept under which a wide range of activities can fall, which are either aimed at offering internationalisation experiences for non-mobile students and staff or at strengthening the internationalisation dimension of our own programmes.

Examples of possible activities:

  • Supporting incoming lecturers/host speakers (accommodation, transport costs....) who cannot come through Erasmus or the UGent framework agreements.
  • Activities to promote the acculturation and academic integration of foreign students, with the participation of the own students
  • Initiatives to organise a Summer School, an intensive week/international week, international module. There should be room for interdisciplinary aspects, international components, other forms of work,... and preferably also with a mixed lecturer and (certainly) student body.
  • Organising broad international debate sessions with the active involvement of both UGent and international students.
  • Developing a virtual international classroom

Application procedure

The application form can be submitted to the Faculty Committee of Internationalisation (FCI) at the e-mail address: .

The application will then be considered at the next meeting of the FCI.