Retrieving your diploma

for MSc students of non-ERASMUS Mundus MSc programmes

General information about your degree can be found here

Collect your degree and transcripts of academic records at the Faculty Student Administration (FBE, room A1.101) about a week after your proclamation at the latest (check with to be sure).

If you cannot collect these documents yourself, you can empower somebody to collect them on your behalf. In that case, you need to appoint this person by official letter (mentioning full names), to be signed by both of you, including a copy of both passports or ID cards.

If this is not possible, you can ask for your documents to be sent to your home address by mail. Note that UGent does not use registered mail nor express courier, so if you would like your diploma to be sent in a secure way, you will have to authorize a courier service to pick up your diploma at your own expense. If you are considering this option, contact for further instructions (you will have to provide a secure address).

Diplomas sent through regular postal service are at your own responsibility. Note that you only get ONE original of your degree; duplicates are to be paid for.

for students of AquaH, SINReM, IMSOGLO and IMRD 

It takes a while after graduation before your diploma is available. Since these programmes lead to a joint degrees, they are to be signed by the highest representative of all partner institutes. This process can take several weeks/months, depending on the availability of the rectors. Your diploma will be sent  to your home address by courier service. In this respect, it is important to inform to which address the degree should be sent.

General info for all students

A few days after the final deliberation, your results are announced online on OASIS. As of that date, you can print a list of results of completed courses and a certificate of achievement.

You will get a set of original transcript of records at the graduation ceremony (signed by the Dean). If you are not at the ceremony or did not empower anyone to collect them (see above), they will be sent to you with the diploma. These documents do not include your student ranking. If you need such ranking, contact the Faculty Student Administration ( (building A, first floor) to receive a letter written and signed by the Dean.

The GPA-score is not included in the UGent standards and we cannot include this information on any document provided.

If you wish to have your transcripts stamped, please print the number of copies you need and go to the Faculty Student Administration. The programme secretariats nor the ITC have official stamps.

Check your personal data in OASIS

Beware that the information on your degree (spelling, name order, birth date, home address etc.) will appear as known in your personal OASIS, so carefully check this information!

Legalisation of your Belgian degree

Some students need to have their diploma legalised for use in their country. A legalisation (apostille, etc.) allows a Belgian document to be used abroad or a foreign document to be used in Belgium. Please note that legalisation procedures frequently include several steps.

Discover the concrete steps to be taken via this link