Administrative steps before leaving Belgium

Close your bank account

Before departure you will have to close your bank account. Note that closing a bank account does not just mean bringing your balance to zero. You will have to go to the bank in person (on appointment) and sign for the closure of your account. For those staying until the official graduation ceremony, preferably wait until the end of September, since there are still some financial transactions to be done (scholarship, reimbursement of your accommodation deposit...). Please check all transfers and payments and settle all invoices (!) before closing your account.

Return flight

Book your return flight timely.
Only for VLIR-UOS scholars: have your 'return form' signed by your coordinator if you have not done so yet! The final date of departure is within 1 month after the official graduation. Check the expiry date of your residence permit!

Housing and other contracts

Housing in a university hall of residence

Remember to return your key and badge. Also do not forget to complete the information about your bank account (for return of your deposit) in OASIS. Contact if you have any questions.

Housing on the private market

Contact your landlord to terminate your housing contract and arrange for your deposit to be refunded. Do this well in advance and check your contract.

Other contracts

Do not forget to timely (!) terminate your contracts for phone, electricity, water, internet, etcetera !

Health insurance

Your MARSH insurance runs until the end of the academic year. Check the expiry date on your insurance certificate.

Students with an additional health insurance (Partena/HZIV) should go to the office in order to sign a declaration that you will be leaving the country. If you still have doctor's receipts, submit them in time. In case you get ill during the last days: bear in mind that the insurance company can only reimburse to a Belgian or European bank account. It takes about 2 days to transfer the money. In case your bank account is already closed, use an alternative bank account number (colleague, friend...).

Migration de-registration

Just as you registered when you arrived, it is very important to de-register prior to or at the latest immediately after your departure.

Residing in Ghent

  • Complete the Declaration of Permanent Departure from Belgium form
  • Email this form to the Migration Counter or to the competent service centre.
  • You will receive an email to confirm receipt of your declaration (Model 8 - Certificate of deregistration from the national register).

Residing in another municipality

contact the local migration office of your residence


Do not hesitate to contact in case of problems or other questions.