Master of Science in Food Technology

funded by VLIR-UOS


  • Inter-university programme - Joint degree offered by the two leading universities in Flanders
  • High-level research-based education to solve food security problems in developing countries
  • Farm to fork multi-disciplinary approach

Food should not only be produced, it should also be delivered to the ultimate consumer in an acceptable form if it is to fulfil its nutritional destiny. To bring foods to the consumer in an acceptable form, on the one hand processing technologies are used to convert edible raw materials into foods with decreased inherent stability; on the other hand preservation technologies are required to increase the stability and shelf life of foods.
Based on these considerations two technological dimensions are the key objectives: the transformation (processing) of raw materials into products suited for human consumption and the role of postharvest and food preservation unit operations in delivering safe and nutritious foods to the end consumer.

Learning Outcomes

The Master of Science in Food Technology will prepare you to become a highly skilled professional in food technology, equipped with the necessary technical and managerial knowledge to successfully contribute to solving problems related to food security. The program particularly focuses on countries where food security is a current/future major concern and key challenge.


Semester 1 (Sept-Jan)

  • preceded by introduction courses
  • Food Science and Food Engineering at UGent

Semester 2 (Febr-June)

  • Food Science and Food Engineering at KULeuven

Semester 3 (Sept-Jan) and Semester 4 (Febr-June)

  • Major in Food Science and Technology (UGent) or
  • Major in Postharvest and Food Preservation and Engineering (KULeuven)
  • tailor-made sub programme including elective courses
  • master dissertation at the university of the major


All course details can be found in the programme catalogue.

Admission Requirements

See Admission criteria | IUPFOOD on the KULeuven pages.

Application Procedure

For all questions in relation to the scholarship and application procedure please contact

Practical Information


KULeuven, Belgium


  • Tuition fee: to be confirmed
  • Bench fee (course material, lab exercise material, study trip cost, …): € 250/academic year
  • Living, insurance & accommodation expenses: min € 850/month
  • Some scholarship schemes take charge of particular costs

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