Master of Science in Environmental Science and Technology

Major: Chemicals Assessment and Management


Major Chemical assessmentEnvironmental contamination with chemical micro-pollutants is of increasing worldwide concern, as it is thought to contribute significantly to human disease and reduced ecological health, including biodiversity loss. Yet, every year several thousands of new chemical substances enter the market and are used and or consumed in industry, agriculture and society in general.
If you are passionate to learn what it takes to improve human and ecosystems health by avoiding or reducing pollution of water, air and soil and preserving human and ecosystem health, whilst still enjoying the societal benefits of chemicals, studying Chemicals Assessment and Management at Ghent University (Belgium) is exactly what you are looking for.

Become an expert

With this specialization study, you will:

  • Gain a multi-stakeholder perspective (research, government, industry) on problems and solutions related to chemical micro-pollutants. This will include exposure assessment, environmental risk assessment, and risk management. It will also include water, soil and (indoor and outdoor) air pollution.
  • Obtain and apply in-depth knowledge about global and regional regulatory and legal aspects of chemicals
  • Learn to select and apply advanced techniques for prevention and remediation of chemical pollution
  • Be able to collect, generate and critically analyze data to enable accurate risk assessment of chemicals as a basis for decisions at the level of production, use and remediation
  • Be able to correctly and objectively communicate about environmental and health issues with chemicals to various stakeholders, the public and the media


  • You can choose to major and perform thesis research in Chemicals Assessment and Management  during the entire second year of the two-year master program in Environmental Science and Technology.
  • The teaching staff of this program is dedicated to train a new generation of professionals that is ready to provide creative, sustainable and workable solutions for increasingly complex and wicked environmental problems, from local to global scale, both in developed and developing economies, from oceans to mega-cities, duly accounting for the driving forces of global climate change.
  • Ghent University is a top 100 university on the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (66th overall, 37th for life sciences) and top 100 for environmental studies on the QS top universities ranking. 
  • The teaching staff of this master program has been in involved in worldwide renowned research in the area of Chemicals Assessment and Management. For instance, our staff has recently been instrumental in developing advanced environmental analytical methods for detecting ultra-trace levels of contaminants of emerging concern, such as pharmaceuticals and hormone disruptors in marine systems. They have also developed computer models for risk assessment and management (e.g. for metals) that have been widely adopted across the globe, and developed advanced oxidation methods for removing toxic and difficult to degrade chemical contaminants from waste water streams.

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The application deadline for the Environmental Science and Technology programme is February 29th 2020 for non-EU and scholarship seeking students (EU or non-EU) and June 1st for EU students