Master of Science in Environmental Science and Technology

Major: Environmental health and technology for marine systems


Marine systems play crucial roles in our global economy with major opportunities for further growth and innovation. Yet at the same time, marine systems provide crucial ecosystem services for human and environmental health. Therefore, the blue economy, estimated by the OECD to have a gross value added of US$3 trillion by 2030, requires a sustainable growth strategy for marine and maritime activities that protects resources essential to human and environmental health

If you are passionate to shape the future of Blue economy, to integrate scientific knowledge with new technologies and to develop solutions for the multidisciplinary challenges within our oceans and seas, studying Environmental health and technology for marine systems at Ghent University (Belgium) is exactly what you are looking for.
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Become an expert

With this specialization study, you will:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge on opportunities and threats for marine systems and link these with the potential impact of economic blue growth activities.
  • Learn to integrate the different environmental and economic drivers of blue growth within marine policy and governance
  • Be able to balance the different economic interests while at the same time protecting the marine environment as public good.
  • Be able to integrate different disciplines and technologies to address crucial challenges in a wide variety of blue growth sectors: blue biotechnology, seafood, coastal protection, maritime shipping and logistics, offshore energy.


  • You can choose to major and perform thesis research in Environmental Health and Technology for marine systems during the entire second year of the two-year master program in Environmental Science and Technology.
  • The teaching staff of this program is dedicated to train a new generation of professionals that is ready to provide creative, sustainable and workable solutions for increasingly complex and wicked environmental problems, from local to global scale, both in developed and developing economies, from oceans to megacities, duly accounting for the driving forces of global climate change.
  • Ghent University is a top 100 university on the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (66th overall, 37th for life sciences) and top 100 for environmental studies on the QS top universities ranking. 
  • The teaching staff of this master program has been in involved in worldwide renowned research in the area of Environmental Health and Technology for Marine Systems. For instance, cutting-edge research in oceans and human health, blue biotechnology, natural defenses for coastal protection and maritime logistics.

Be involved

The application deadline for the Environmental Science and Technology programme is February 29th 2020 for non-EU and scholarship seeking students (EU or non-EU) and June 1st for EU students