Master of Science in Technology for Integrated Water Management

Application and course managed by our partners of the University of Antwerp


  • Advanced master programme
  • Interuniversity education offering combined expertise in water-related research and development
  • Multidisciplinary perspective: ecosystem approach / bioscience engineering / civil engineering
  • Providing R&D-based technological answers for integrated water policy & management

Integrated water management is the challenge of the 21st century. Worldwide, there is a need to train specialists in water technology who have knowledge of and insight in integrated water management and policy, trends and developments in the water sector, worldwide water problems and new techniques for water treatment and water purification. Since 2010, this advanced master is organized jointly by Ghent University (Centre Environmental Science & Technology) and the University of Antwerp (IMDO), together with the Antwerp Maritime Academy.

Learning Outcomes

The subsequent master program Master of Science in Technology for Integrated Water Management prepares you to become a specialist in water technology with knowledge and understanding of integrated water management and policy, the developments in the water sector and the global water issue. As a graduate you will be equipped with integrated competences for the analysis and solution of water problems with adequate state-of-the-art technology and management to end up in research institutes, global businesses, consultancies and governmental institutions.