Study spaces

Campus Coupure

There are several study spaces on Campus Coupure. You do not have to reserve.

  • Faculty library during the opening hours  (Building A) (quiet zone)
  • Computer room E -1.2 (Building E) (quiet zone)
  • Agora (Building E): 7.30 – 19.00
  • Cafetaria and restaurant (Building E): 7.30 – 19.00
  • Atrium (Building A, in front of AUD A1): 7.30 – 19.00
  • Corridors on the 2nd floor (Building A): 7.30 – 19.00

Campus Schoonmeersen

If you are at Campus Schoonmeersen, you can study at the HOGENT library.

Campus Kortrijk

At Campus Kortrijk, you can study at the Penta library.

City of Gent

Couldn't find a place? Maybe you'll find one somewhere else in Ghent.