PhD defenses

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24-11-2017 16:00 Ecotoxicity and risk assessment of metal mixtures in the freshwater environment Van Regenmortel, Tina
24-11-2017 16:00 Ixodid ticks parasitising cattle in Zimbabwe: Ecology and management Sungirai, Marvelous
28-11-2017 16:00 Ecological interactions between ticks, hosts and forest types and the impact on Lyme borreliosis risk Ruyts, Sanne
01-12-2017 16:00 Life food and use of probiotics in rabbit fish (Siganus guttatus, Bloch 1787) larviculture Le, Van Bao Duy
04-12-2017 16:00 Structure-function relations of palm sap sugar in dark chocolate. Saputro, Arifin Dwi
06-12-2017 17:00 Supply chain performance and satisfaction: Investigating the perceptions of relationship quality in the Uganda maize supply chain Odongo, Walter
07-12-2017 17:00 Development of an image based 3D technique to determine spread patters of certifugal fertilizer spreaders. Cool, Simon
08-12-2017 14:00 Analysis of size and shape in early larval stages of European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) : egg disinfection, axenity and bacterial load. Nikolakakis, Spyridon
13-12-2017 16:00 Traditional food consumption and its nutritional contribution in Guasaganda, Central Ecuador. Peñafiel Anchundia, Dolores Daniela
14-12-2017 17:00 Surrogate-based online monitoring and control framework for trace organic contaminant removal during ozonation of secondary wastewater effluent: from lab-scale to practical application Chys, Michael
15-12-2017 16:00 The marine environment and contaminants in seafood: Public perception and risk assessment Jacobs, Silke
15-12-2017 16:00 Animal manure derivatives as alternatives for synthetic nitrogen fertilizers. Sigurnjak, Ivona
02-02-2018 17:00 Evaluating and optimizing dynamic olfactometry for the measurement of odour concentrations in pig house emissions. Hove, Nathalie
14-02-2018 17:00 Effects of tree species diversity on early-stage forest dynamics Van de Peer, Thomas