PhD defenses

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25-02-2019 16:00 The effects of nutritional supplementation in early life on methane emissions and performance in ruminants Debruyne, Sieglinde
25-02-2019 16:20 Restoration of species-rich Nardus grasslands via phosphorus-mining. Schelfhout, Stephanie
05-03-2019 16:00 Fish silage as protein ingredient in animal feeds - the pioneering of fishery byproduct utilization in Belgium. Van 't Land, Mike
05-03-2019 16:00 The importance of small forest fragments for pollination services in agricultural landscape Proesmans, Willem
07-03-2019 16:00 The combined effect of dispersal and chemical stress on the composition, diversity and productivity of marine micro-algae communities. De Raedt, Jonathan
08-03-2019 16:00 Farmer perspectives on agricultural biotechnology in Africa, case studies in Burkina Faso and Kenya. Sanou, Idrissa Rachid Edouard
13-03-2019 15:00 The potential of agri-food networks in food system transformations. Hubeau, Marianne
15-03-2019 14:00 Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC): pathophysiology and probiotic modulation in human gastro-intestinal model systems Roussel, Charlène
25-03-2019 16:00 Introducing nutrition-sensitivity in value chains: the case of food and nutritional losses in the Ugandan dairy sector Wesana, Joshua
26-03-2019 16:00 Global environmental change effects on soil properties, tree growth, and understorey communities in temperate deciduous forests across Europe. Maes, Sybryn
05-04-2019 16:00 Characterisation and quantification of fat crystallisation in bulk and emulsified systems Declerck, Arnout