Bayer endowed chair ForwardFarming

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The endowed chair 'Bayer ForwardFarming' enables agricultural innovation and empowers farmers in their efforts to implement smart farming solutions. The chair was founded in 2016 with the support of Bayer CropScience.

Bayer and Ghent University work together to conduct high-level and applied research in agriculture. The goal is to build up the necessary know-how and capacities over a long period of public-private collaboration. Because investing in agricultural research generates both economic and social benefits. Especially the impact on productivity and food safety are of great importance.

The faculty of bioscience engineering is one of the international leaders in agriculture. The endowed chair aims to build on this position to stimulate all dimensions of sustainable production. The maintenance of a sufficient and dynamic production basis remains a priority in an ever changing and more globalized world.

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Research focus

  • Precision agriculture using soil spatial inventory techniques, precision application methods and accurate monitoring tools
  • Resource management: soil, water, and biodiversity
  • Integrated ecological approaches for protecting crops
  • Residue control

In many cases, research has already been carried out in the above-mentioned areas. The objective is not to duplicate existing knowledge but to take it further and to facilitate its implementation.


Prof. Marc Van Meirvenne