Bayer ForwardFarming chair at IUPAC 2019

(27-05-2019) Ghent University organized the 14th IUPAC congress on crop protection, extensively featuring the Bayer ForwardFarm Hof Ten Bosch.

Bayer joined the 14th IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) International Congress on Crop Protection, the world’s leading event in that field, as one of the main sponsors. About 1,500 crop health specialists participated at the event organised by Ghent University prof. Pieter Spanoghe in Ghent, Belgium, from May 19 to 24, 2019. Amongst them were world-renowned speakers, academia, experts from the industry, policymakers and other stakeholders.

Visitors and attending journalists were invited to meet Bayer at booth 58 in the exhibition hall, where experts informed about the concept of Tailored Agronomic Solutions, using the latest innovations in chemical and biological crop protection. Visitors could also go on an excursion to the Bayer ForwardFarm Hof Ten Bosch near Brussels to learn more about state-of-the-art agronomic solutions. The ForwardFarm is a platform to illustrate the commitments of the Bayer ForwardFarming chair to both innovation and sustainability. The ForwardFarm was extensively featured in the IUPAC aftermovie: