Chair UGent-Evides

Evides The Chair Industrial and Circular Water Technology facilitates the transfer of university research to society. The chair was founded in 2016 at Ghent University, with the support of Evides Industriewater B.V.

  • The focus is on the production of ultrapure process water, wastewater treatment and water reuse.
  • The goal is to make innovative technologies in the industrial water cycle possible and achievable. That way, the water cycle can be made more efficient and sustainable and industry can be prepared for the future. This results in cost savings, growth and increased productivity for the end user.
  • Communication is key. This is made possible by gathering prominent figures within the water sector, exchanging information and organizing coordinated action.

Bridge to industry projects

This chair forms the connection to several interesting industry related projects:

  1. IMPROVED water focuses on the construction and exploitation of a mobile process water production unit. The effect of a changing water quality on pre-treatment, desalination and the on-site process is investigated.
  2. The Condensate treatment project is aimed at the treatment of contaminated condensate streams and the fate of chemicals in the steam-cycle. The goal is to increase the water and energy efficiency of the steam-water cycle.

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