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Frontrunner Days 2023

Registrations are open for a series of free captivating events - our online Frontrunner Days! From October 27 to November 28, immerse yourself in a journey through the forefront of research at our faculty's core facilities. Get inspired by influential keynote speakers whose groundbreaking work resonates with diverse audiences.

Each day is centered around a different theme, focused on our various core facilities. Engaging Q&A sessions will follow each presentation, ensuring a deeper exploration of the topics. Here's a glimpse of the schedule with links to each day's program.
All sessions are from 12:00 to 13:00 CET.

Light Microscopy
light microscopy - "" Microscope icons created by Freepik - Flaticon

Friday 27 October

Innovative Sustainable Blue solutions
Wave free icons designed by Freepik

Tuesday 7 November

Sustainable Crop Bioassays
crop assays -"  Cornucopia icons created by amonrat rungreangfangsai - Flaticon

Friday 10 November

Next Generation Sequencing
Next gen sequencing - - Dna icons created by Freepik - Flaticon

Tuesday 14 November

High-Throughput Experimentation and
Continuous Flow Chemistry
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Friday 17 November

Synthetic Biology

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Friday 24 November

Innovative and Sustainable Processing
of Vegetables and Potatoes
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Monday 27 November

X-ray Computed Tomography

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Tuesday 28 November

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Faculty Research Days 2021

Each day we had a different theme based on the Horizon Europe clusters. This gave an orientation towards exchanging research ideas and how opportunities for future collaboration can be supported.

Tuesday 27 April:
Food and safe, healthy diets
Thursday 6 May:
Digital solutions in support of the Green Deal
Wednesday 28 April:
Animal production systems
Monday 10 May:
Resilient, inclusive, and healthy communities
Thursday 29 April:
Fair, Healthy, and environmentally friendly primary crop production
Tuesday 11 May:
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Tuesday 4 May:
Circular economy and bio-economy
Wednesday 12 May:
Land, oceans, and water for climate action
Wednesday 5 May:
Clean environment and zero pollution
Tuesday 18 May:

The recordings of each session can be watched in the following playlist: