Middenveld, sociaal werk en solidariteit

De rol van sociaal werk in het ondersteunen van ger inwoners bij het ontwikkelen van hun beloning in de Mongoolse samenleving

Omschrijving: Objective of this research is to acquire local knowledge of the coping strategies of people who live in poverty and deprivation after migrating from rural Mongolia to urban Ulaanbaatar city. Two central theoretical concepts, developed in the field of migration and poverty studies, are used: (1) sense of belonging, and (2) aspirations to use social resources. This research will employ qualitative methods of inquiry to understand the situation in depth. Specific methods include ethnographic study in ger areas, a retrospective biographical interviewing with migrant families and semi-structured interviews with public officers such as local social workers, unit leaders, welfare officers and local administrators.
Promotor(en): Griet Roets, Ine Lietaert
Onderzoek(st)er(s): Terbish Bayartsetseg
Vakgroep / onderzoeksgroep: Social Werk en Sociale Pedagogiek
Faculteit: Faculteit Psychologie en Pedagogische Wetenschappen