Finishing your doctorate and doctoral training


Doctoral defense

Final evaluation of the Doctoral Training Programme (DTP)

You need to submit your curriculum of the DTP for final evaluation at least 20 working days before the date of the Faculty Board meeting at which you submit your doctoral dissertation if:

  • you have a compulsory doctoral training curriculum (imposed by your faculty at the time of first enrolment), or if
  • you want to obtain the certificate of the DTP

Certificate of the Doctoral Training Programme (DTP)

The certificate of the DTP is awarded if you complete the entire Doctoral Training Programme. The certificate is signed by the Rector. In order to obtain this certificate, you need to submit your curriculum for final evaluation.

Credit certificates and certificates of attendance

If you do not complete the entire doctoral training programme, you can still receive credit certificates or certificates of attendance:

  • Credit certificates can be awarded for regular course units published in the course catalogue of Ghent University and for regular course units organized by Ghent University's Doctoral School. If you scored at least 10 out of 20 for a regular course unit, you can request a credit certificate at your Faculty Student Administration.

  • Certificates of attendance are available for specialist courses and seminars in transferable skills organized by the Doctoral School. If you successfully participated in a course or a seminar, you can request a certificate of attendance by e-mail to