30-03-2021 Video: Building Stock lectures - Prof. Laure Itard
22-03-2021 Lecture: Prof. Laure Itard - Energy analytics for sustainable buildings
08-03-2021 video: EXCURSIONS@HOME - Ellen Harvey
18-02-2021 Lecture series “Renovating the Belgian Building Stock by 2050”
15-02-2021 video: EXCURSIONS@HOME - Ilze Wolff
18-12-2020 Video: EXCURSIONS@HOME - Adrian Forty
07-12-2020 Video: EXCURSIONS@HOME - Andrew Leach
18-11-2020 hybridGEOTABS training seminars
13-11-2020 Video: EXCURSIONS@HOME - Maarten Delbeke
09-11-2020 EXCURSIONS@HOME - Lecture series 2020-21
20-10-2020 Lecture series 'Designing Urbanization'
19-10-2020 Two FWO-PhD fellowships awarded for research towards more sustainable buildings
31-08-2020 The Open Call exhibition is now on view at Z33, Hasselt
27-08-2020 Architecture students win first prize in the Legendary Bird Home competition
09-07-2020 15 Mobble Houses in 2020!
07-07-2020 HybridGEOTABS video: sustainable heating and cooling of buildings across EU
19-06-2020 Vacancy 100% Assistant (AAP): Architectural practice, Design Theory and Construction History
19-03-2020 Secretary’s office of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism goes digital
17-03-2020 Three research projects within the open call circular economy 2019 have been approved!
06-02-2020 Johan Lagae mentor Freigeist project, Leibniz-Institut für Raumbezogene Sozialforschung
06-02-2020 Johan Lagae Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Paris
06-02-2020 Johan Lagae granted a Francqui chair at the Université Libre de Bruxelles
14-01-2020 PP Rubens Chair at UC Berkeley
17-12-2019 Pictures doctoral defense Jens van de Maele
02-12-2019 'Open Call. 20 years of public architecture' now in Brussels
02-12-2019 Video of 'making of' lecture about the Open Call exhibition
25-11-2019 Video 'In a Silent Way' by Ido Avissar (LIST)
06-11-2019 FWO scholarship on hydrophobation