Programme structure

General courses (50 credits)

The link between management science, business processes and technology returns throughout the master’s programme. In this perspective, attention is spent to the management of an organisation, its resources and its business processes by means of courses like Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Business Process Management, etc.

The technology component in the course is further widened by the topics of Technology for the Circular Economy and System Dynamics and the link between these technology courses and business management is further treated in the courses in Financing High Tech Entrepreneurial Companies, Technology Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Enterprise Architecture.

 Courses related to the main subject (34 or 40 credits)

In the master’s programme there are three disciplines that allow you to tailor your curriculum, according to your own interests:

Elective courses (6 or 12 credits)

You have several options for the elective course:

  • You choose another course from your main subject to specialise even more in this subject area
  • You choose a course from another main subject in order to widen your horizon
  • You choose an elective course from a broad range of general courses
  • You do an internship

Master's dissertation (24 credits)

Finally, the master’s dissertation is an important element of the programme in which academic research questions that are also relevant for practice are stringently and independently studied.