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Opening statement (bvb Universiteit van Amsterdam: Are you interested in what makes the world tick? In the MSc Economics, leading experts share their research and insights on how to make the economy future proof. Ready to make an impact?)

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Discover the Master in Economics programme

The common part of this programme deepens your knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics in three advanced courses. In Micro-economics you study the behavioural implications, dual approach and the general equilibrium of consumer and producer behaviour. This also includes an introduction to the game theory and you will explore the problem of asymmetrical information. In Macroeconomics you learn to understand and master the key developments in macroeconomics during the last 40 years. The focus is on modern growth theory, new classical macroeconomics and modern business cycle analysis. In Econometrics we broaden your knowledge of the econometric techniques for time series analysis

You can choose one of our two majors that allow you to tailor your curriculum according to your own interests. 

The major Financial institutions and markets aims at students who aspire a job in the financial sector.
The major Economic policy aims at students looking for a job that determines economic policy, in the very broad sense of the word (not only government, but also social partners, central bank, international institutions, financial institutions, ...).
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Top 5 reasons to study the Master in Economics

1. International high ranked university

Ghent University enjoys a high reputation worldwide. Belgium is known for its very high level of education. It’s one of the best in the world and will certainly contribute to your educational experience.

2. Qualified staff

Our professors are very accessible and helpful. They are eager to share their knowledge and to interact and discuss questions with their students. Our staff excels in teaching and research.

3. Recommended by our alumni

Curious what other international students have to say about their experience at our faculty? Check out their testimonials and contact them if you have any questions.

4. Student participation

The faculty student organisations initiate all kinds of activities, such as Student Street Soccer, a professional job fair with more than 120 participating companies, a case competition based on real life business problems, ...

5. Student friendly city

Ghent is a beautiful, historical city. It has an open and progressive culture. Enjoy several cultural and sportive activities during the year. You can travel around town by bike. Ghent is also located in the heart of Europe.

Is the Master in Economics for you?

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"The education here was high-quality, but very demanding. The professors here are really smart people, they are extremely intelligent and love what they do. I have so much respect for this country and its system of education." 

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Admission and application procedure

Facts and figures


Master of Science in Economics

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Tuition fee

Non-EEA citizens: €5687,20

EEA citizens: €947,20

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Career perspectives

Graduates from the Economics programme can be found in macroeconomic organisations, the financial sector, governmental organisations, international institutions, social partners (trade unions and employers’ associations), education and research.


Some examples of jobs:

  • procurement analyst
  • chief economist of a bank
  • economic analyst at the National Bank
  • policy advisor of the Flemish Government
  • investment specialist and environmental economist at an NGO
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