Information for degree students

Degree students are students that stay at UGent for their entire study programme and after successful completion, receive a UGent diploma. If you are only here for a limited amount of time and will obtain a diploma from your home university, you are an exchange student.

English programmes at our faculty 

Please note that other bachelor and master programmes at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are taught in Dutch. 

Specific questions regarding the different programmes can be addressed to the Programme Counselor

What about Dentistry and Medicine Programmes? 

Unfortunately, we only offer Dentistry and Medicine programmes in Dutch, not in English. 

In Belgium, there is a national entrance exam for dentistry and medicine studies, which is organized by the government. This exam can be taken in Dutch by students who wish to study in Flanders (Ghent University is located in Flanders), or in French by students who wish to study in Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium.  

Doctoral Research (PhD)

If you already hold a master degree and you are interested in doing scientific research, you may apply for a doctoral research position (PhD).

Specific questions regarding the Doctoral Research at the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences can be addressed to

Admission and enrolment 

Before starting the online application, it is important to be well aware of the admission requirements you need to meet in order to enrol in one of our programmes.

Specific questions regarding admission can be addressed to the International Admissions - Registrar's Office

Language courses and tests

The University Language Center offers language courses and tests for English and Dutch in case you need these to fulfill the language requirements.