Changing an approved curriculum

Removing and/or adding course units to the approved curriculum is possible under certain conditions. Some examples are given below:

  • GIT students (students with a personalised learning track) who at the start of the academic year were not allowed to take up second-term or full-year course units in their curriculum because of the sequentiality requirements, but comply with the sequentiality conditions after the exams in January, may submit a request to add the second-term course unit in question to their curriculum.
  • Due to a change in the timetable, two course units overlap. You may submit a request to replace a second-term course unit by another second-term course unit.

Are you a Ba1 student, or does your curriculum still include first-year course units and do you want to remove your first-year course units?

You cannot simply remove course units from the first year of a standard learning track of a bachelor’s programme.
This is only possible under a limited number of conditions:

  • you are a student with a special status or a working student status and you want to reduce your curriculum: you can submit a request to change your curriculum.
  • after the first semester, you want to change to another study programme but you do not want to withdraw completely from the study programme: you can change your curriculum, but you have to consult the learning track counsellor first.

If you do not meet one of these conditions, please contact your learning track counsellor.

Are you a Ba1 student, or does your curriculum still include first-year course units and were you not yet allowed to take up any second-year course units at the start of this academic year?

If you have made sufficient study progress in the first term, you can submit a request to add Ba2 course units to your curriculum. The Curriculum Committee will review your request.

Does your curriculum no longer include first-year course units?

If you want to change your curriculum for the second semester (adding, removing or changing course units), you can submit a request.


A request to change your curriculum can be made via the curriculum application (in Dutch). Please motivate each request to change your curriculum.

Your application will be reviewed and either approved or rejected. You will be informed of this. Afterwards, be sure to check your curriculum in Oasis.

Changing an approved curriculum can have consequences for the tuition fee, the learning account and the calculation of the study progress. You can read the details about this in Article 30, §5 of the Education and Examination Code.


  • First-term course units: before 14 November
  • Second-term and full-year course units: 28 February


Contact the learning track counsellor of your study programme.