Student and Learning Track Counselling

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Ghent University and the faculty offer you various forms of student counselling and learning track counselling throughout your study career.


Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service consists of student counsellors and learning track counsellors who work both individually and in groups. Students can find more information about the offer (workshops, information sessions, …) and documentation (handouts, planners, …) on the Ufora information site 'Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte' (in Dutch).

Student counselling

You can contact the student counsellors with general questions about your study methodology, study planning, study-related problems, help with exam preparation and feedback after the release of the exam results. You can also contact your student counsellor with questions and problems related to your bachelor’s and master’s dissertation.

Make an appointment in the online agenda of the student counsellors.

Learning track counsellors

The learning track counsellors provide students with information, advice, and assistance during their entire study career. They also act as contact persons for the various aspects of the study career: study progress, selection processes, reorientation, personalised learning tracks, curriculum composition, exemptions, education and examination code, study-related problems and more. 

Make an appointment in the online agenda of the learning track counsellors.


Every (cluster of) study programme(s) has an ombudsperson you can turn to with complaints about the application of the education and examination code and about situations you experience as unfair. This can be about the regular educational activities as well as about the exams or other forms of evaluation.

Subject-specific student counselling

Within your study programme there are also tutors and teaching assistants who provide subject-specific support. It is best to contact the lecturer-in-charge for this.

Ghent University

Counselling office

  • Student psychologists

The student psychologists work both individually and through a group offer (performance anxiety, procrastination, (exam) stress, inefficient study approach, concentration problems, … ). Other initiatives concerning psychosocial welfare can be found on ‘Wel in je vel’ (in Dutch).

  • Study counsellors

If you have doubts about your choice of study programme and would like to gain more insight into the broader range of study programmes available at Ghent University/outside Ghent University, you can certainly ask for an appointment with one of the study counsellors (in Dutch).

  • Contact point students & functional impairment

Are you studying at Ghent University and do you have a functional impairment? Then you can apply for a special status (in Dutch) and make use of an extensive range of support measures.

Language support and advice

Are you writing a paper, bachelor’s or master’s dissertation and could you use some tips? Then please contact the academic writing centre Taalonthaal (in Dutch).
The Ghent University website Taaladvies (in Dutch) offers tips on writing/reading/listening and speaking in academic Dutch and English.