Not taking part in an exam

Justified reasons for requesting a catch-up exam can be found in Article 75 of the Education and Examination Code.

Discontinuation of examens

Via the online tool ABSENT you can inform us that you do not wish to take part in the exam. By not taking part in the exam without a valid reason (not illness, accident, force majeure, working student status or quarantine), you lose the opportunity to participate in a catch-up exam or catch-up activity. If you fail the course unit in the resit examination period, these credits will be deducted from your learning account (in Dutch). Your personalised learning path (GIT) opportunities of next academic year (scope of the GIT, binding conditions) will be limited. For questions about study planning or reorientation, please contact the student counsellors and learning track counsellors.

Reporting 'certified absences'

Register your absence via the ABSENT tool. Do this no later than the day of the exam.

  • In case of illness, accident or force majeure, upload a (medical) certificate to the tool no later than three working days after the examination concerned. In case of force majeure, the lecturer-in-charge determines if the absence is justified.
  • Do you wish to arrange a catch-up moment? Then do not forget to tick 'can I take part in a substitute activity/retake exam' in step 3. If you do not tick this, the lecturer-in-charge will not receive an email and will not be informed of your request. In case of a catch-up exam, the evaluation method as mentioned on the course sheet may change. In consultation with the lecturer-in-charge, a new exam date within the same examination period is made.
  • Procedure for non-Ghent University course units:
    • Contact the lecturer-in-charge no later than the day of the exam via email to arrange a catch-up moment.
    • Send a medical certificate to, with the lecturer-in-charge in cc.

Working students

If you have working student status, you can submit a request to reschedule an exam via the ABSENT tool. Do not wait and do so in good time so that the lecturer can take it into account.


  • If you have an overlap or have two or more exams on the same day, you can request a catch-up exam via the ABSENT tool.
  • In case of a personalised learning path (GIT): in case of overlapping, priority should be given to the course unit that is programmed earliest in your standard learning track.
  • Upload your exam schedule in Absent so that your lecturer-in-charge can access your exam schedule.