Minerva is an independent periodical which disseminates scientific information and is targeted mainly at GPs, but also at specialists and pharmacists. The publication offers a clear and independent synthesis of what appears in A1 or A2 medical scientific periodicals. The MICT is carrying out reader research as part of this project.

The research will focus on various themes. For example, research will be undertaken into what type of readers the periodical has, what the expectations and demands of those readers are, how the paper edition and online version relate to one another, the frequency with which both versions are consulted, what the purpose of the consultation is, what the particular advantages of the online version are, etc. The format and contents of the periodical will also be evaluated.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/01/2008 - 31/05/2008.

Staff involved

  • dr. Laurence Hauttekeete
  • dr. Katrien De Moor
  • dr. Peter Mechant


  • Media Production & Distribution

Financed by

  • Contract research