Research projects

Below you can find all our current research projects.

SenseCity - Respond faster and more accurate to calamities

IoT Chef - IoT technology to create a connected cooking system

ROLECS - Roll out of local energy communities

Illuminate - Interactive streaming and representation for totally immersive applications

SCAFFOLD - ePortfolios to scaffold workplace learning in health education

Operator Knowledge - Automated creation of digital assembly instructions by operator driven knowledge capturing

Stressy - Stress in the City

Digimeter - Measuring media/technology usage and expectations in Flanders

Mobile DNA - Application that shows your smartphone usage

TBM Ivision - Game-Based therapy for children with cerebral visual impairment

LBLOD - Local decisions as linked open data

Social factors and risk behavior - Untangling the relationships between the online and offline world

The Future of Video Consumption

Chair - Media in a Society in Transition

Knowledge Center - Data & Society

Daiquiri - Data & Artificial intelligence for Quantified Reporting in sports

Inclusion in 4D - City of People - Learning disabilities

BESOCIAL - towards a sustainable social media archiving strategy for Belgium

TMaaS - Traffic Management as a Service

ExperienceDNA - User Experience Measurement in Virtual Smart Spaces

HIER-OS - Exploring the possibilities of conversational interfaces to fight social isolation among senior citizens

M-Decline - How can we monitor cognitive decline of the elderly of the future

POPHARS – Drugs at the festivals: Perceptions of prevention-, harm reduction-, care-, and law enforcement strategies

OSLO - Open Standards for Linking Organizations

VLOCA - Flemish Open City Architecture

NUDGE -  NUDging consumers towards enerGy Efficiency through behavioral science