SenseCity - Respond faster and more accurate to calamities

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Human operators
Human centered design
User interface prototyping

How can we automate the monitoring of incoming data streams and identification of relevant events, and alert the operator to look at a particular video feed, in order to reduce the time needed to detect a potential incident or emergency situation, as well as reduce the chance of missing an event?

The explosion of information generated by the ever increasing number of deployed surveillance cameras is causing a new set of challenges in terms of cognitive overload on the human operators that need to monitor, interpret, and act upon the incoming data streams in time critical situations.

We at imec-mict-UGent are doing research to examine who are all the involved actors and which dependencies, relations and interactions between stakeholders can be identified in the context of crisis situations. How to do this in a systematic and methodological way that can be extrapolated to other contexts. In order to design a user interface and implement a new personalized responsive design in consultation with all the identified stakeholders, following a human centered design approach.


Partners: Barco, ASAsense, Robovision, Easics, imec-IDLab - Ghent University, IBCN - Ghent University, imec-IDLab-MOSAIC - Antwerp University

Project Duration: 01/06/2019 - 31/03/2021


Contact: Jelle Saldien