Social factors and risk behavior - Untangling the relationships between the online and offline world

Risk behaviour
Online-offline social factors

How online and offline risk behaviours take place and interplay, and the potential influence of online and offline social factors.

With the vast increase of the use and perceived importance of the internet in our daily lives, it is important to assess human behaviour in the online and offline context simultaneously. Studies have already addressed human risk behaviours in an offline or online setting, surprisingly little attention has been paid to the interplay between online and offline risk behaviours. Furthermore, these risk behaviours such as substance abuse and (cyber)bullying, do not occur in a social vacuum: Online and offline social factors that may influence these online and offline risk behaviours need to be examined.


Partners: Faculty of Law & Criminology - UGent

Project Duration: 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2023


Contact: Koen Ponnet