Icosy2.0 – fieldtest






Due to the recent COVID outbreak, the importance of air quality in areas where many people spend longer periods together has become very clear. A better indoor climate in schools is a basic right - especially if you know that children spend one third of their time at school during the school year. How teachers and schools deal with air quality today is unclear. A better understanding of this context is important to innovate.

This project is in collaboration with the Flemish family business Renson. With iCosy2.0 it wants to focus on advanced control and realize their mission "Creating Healthy Spaces".

In this Living Lab project we involve end users (teachers and prevention advisers in the first phase) at an early stage of the development process. This allows innovation to be tailored to real needs, habits, attitudes and contextual factors from the outset.

We at imec-mict-UGent were able to help with the development of a new product and appropriate communication through interviews, co-creations and user testing with prototypes in the classroom. The new version of the product “Healthbox” takes the teacher's activities more into account and involves the students in the story. 

Partners: renson

Duration: november 2020-december 2021


Contact: Olivia De Ruyck