OSLO - Open Standards for Linking Organizations

Through the Open Standards for Linking Organizations (OSLO²) project, the department Information Flanders (Informatie Vlaanderen), together with its partners, focuses more strongly on semantic interoperability. Standardizing the meaning of information is essential to realize the Flanders radical digital principle "do not ask what you already know". In addition, semantic standards are an important lever for inter-administrative dialogue and the re-use of information by the private sector.

imec-mict-UGent facilitates these standardization and data modelling processes for several Flemish Governments. By using co-creation methods, we design several trajectories in which we bridge the knowledge of technical people, domain experts and non-expert users. 

Mict is also involved in the development and evaluation of the governance behind these models.

Additionally, we investigate the level of acceptance and willingness to use from civil servants in local and Flemish governmental departments and agencies.

Partners: Informatie Vlaanderen

Project duration: started in 2016

Contact: Lieven De Marez