Current projects - overview

Below you can find our current research projects.

  • Chair VRT- Media in a Society in Transition
  • CoGhent - CoGhent explores next-generation interfaces for cultural participation and neighborhood social cohesion 
  • Comon - Comon explores new technological solutions to wicked urban problems. It is a collective effort of Ghent University, the City of Ghent and imec to explore co-creative, experiment-driven collaborations between a wide variety of urban actors
  • Cyber Dating Abuse – Towards a clear conceptualisation and examination of a heart-breaking online phenomenon
  • DISCONNECT – Digital Wellbeing in a Culture of Ubiquitous Connectivity: Towards a Dynamic Pathway Model

  • Digimeter - Measuring media/technology usage and expectations in Flanders
  • ExperienceDNA: Framework and applications - Creation of a digital framework and measurement protocol to simulate and capture user interactions  
  • Gemeente Zonder Gemeentehuis - Towards digital solutions for citizen participation
  • IN2FOOD – Resolving A Societal Challenge: Interdisciplinary Approach Towards Fostering Collaborative Innovation in Food Waste Management
  • Knowledge Center - Data & Society
  • Living in a digital age - Investigating the determinants and consequences of lacking ICT access and skills
  • Mobile DNA - Application that shows your smartphone usage
  • NUDGE -  NUDging consumers towards enerGy Efficiency through behavioral science
  • OSLO - Open Standards for Linking Organizations
  • SCAFFOLD - ePortfolios to scaffold workplace learning in health education
  • Social factors and risk behavior - Untangling the relationships between the online and offline world
  • SolidLab Flanders- Investigating and facilitating the use of personal data pods
  • Urbanage -Urbanage explores and experiments with new Digital Twin technology to enhance urban planning processes that improve older citizens’ quality of life