ExperienceDNA: Framework and applications

Virtual Reality 
Cognitive ergonomics 
User Experience Design
Human-Robot collaboration

How can we simulate realistic (virtual) scenarios and capture all user interactions in order to understand and improve quality of experience?

With this project we aim to: 

  1. Create simulated smart environments by combining virtual reality (video/audio) and tactile interactions. 
  2. Explore behavioral and psychophysiological markers of the user’s personal experience of these interactions (eyetracking and heart rate metrics) and assessing the practical feasibility for user evaluation. 
  3. Create a protocol and digital framework to capture all possible interactions that can occur in the context of a smart environment. (based on MICT's HCCI framework*)


Partners: BruBotics, IDLab Antwerp

Duration: 2 year (extendable)

Contact: Jelle Saldien