TBM Ivision - Game-based therapy for children with cerebral visual impairment

Applied biomedical research
Adaptive personalized system
Requirements research
Gamified experiences 

How to create special-purpose games for children with cerebral visual restriction (CVI) which are able to adapt to the patients’ specific needs?

The innovation goal of this project is the development of a personalized, motivational, automatically adaptable therapeutic game platform to train the visual perceptual skills (posture and movement, spatial perception, figure-background recognition, object recognition, shape recognition, scene recognition, visual attention and visual scanning) at children with cerebral visual restriction.      

We at imec-mict-UGent are doing user requirements research and the development of a tailored Quality of Experience (QoE) tool.

Project Duration: 01/10/2017 - 31/12/2020

Contact: Koen Ponnet