With the Digimeter project, iLab.o (the Living Lab division of iMinds) wants to gather and share data and information regarding the Flemish media and ICT user. They do that on a systematic and annual basis, adopting a representative methodology.

This provides the iMinds researchers with reliable data and information regarding the adoption and diffusion of (new) media and ICT and regarding developing trends, habits and practices.

This report serves as the public summary of this data. Through its annual frequency, Digimeter also serves as a monitor that can detect and keep track of emerging trends and practices.

Another research goal concerns the detailed profiling of a user database. We carry out the Digimeter survey on a yearly basis with partly recurring respondents but also a substantial amount of new people. Therefore, the Digimeter project allows to build and refresh a database with detailed user profiles of end-users that agree to be involved in further innovation and user research (e.g. Living Lab research facilitated by iLab.o).

This user database is available for SME's, organizations and companies in collaboration with iMinds-iLab.o. The panel management staff of iMinds-iLab.o takes care of the management of this Digimeter user panel.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/05/2009 - 31/12/2014.

Staff involved

Financed by

  • iMinds