La Mosca - Mobile city games


In 2007 La Mosca started with the provision of location based games, also called citygames or GPS games. In group and with a borrowed device in the hand people go into a city for an interactive role-playing game. The fact that more and more people own a smartphone opens new perspectives. Smartphone users can determine the course of the game via a mobile application, and can play where, when, how often and with whom they want. La Mosca wants to test her future offer of smartphone games and wants to optimize and test them with end users.

Innovation Goal

This raises some questions: who would like this kind of mobile games? How do we clarify the rules of the game? How to improve the user friendliness of the game? What features users want?

What boosts or stops people to play location based games on their own smartphone.? We will test this in practice and through direct user feedback all modalities will be shaped.


Through an online survey people are asked about their current gaming ' habits & practices ' on smartphones and tablets, and what are their "needs & wants ' regarding location-based gaming. On the basis of the results a core panel of test users is composed with whom we create a first version of a game. Test users can participate in a field test, co-creation session and workshop for the design of a mobile game.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/09/2012 - 28/02/2012.

Staff involved

  • Dimitri Schuurman
  • Anissa All


  • Gaming and Immersive Media Lab

Financed by

  • IWT

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