Measuring outlines - Measuring use across platforms


This project aims to support the Centre for media information (CIM) and media companies in establishing an innovative measurement protocol for content and consumers that consolidates reach and engagement over all devices for Flemish media.

Digital media consumption is quickly gaining importance and is expected to become more relevant in the near future. The current sector measurement system tracks unique visitors on a daily basis but is losing its relevance in a world of ever connected users using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Advances in measurement technology allow for much more detailed tracking of the user, potentially resulting in a, business-wise more relevant, engagement measure.

‘METEN’ is a first project in the ‘audience measurement’ program from MIX. It envisions a mediamap with a sector-wide consolidated reach and engagement across devices and platforms that are stepping stones towards a unique value system (detailed in the ‘audience measurement’ program). This high-performing measurement system is a necessary building block to work out a digital direct relation to the end-user as described in the ‘personalised media’ program.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/10/2012 - 31/10/2013.

Staff involved

Financed by

  • MIX