SoLoMIDEM - Social, local & mobile identity management


The ‘converging’ combination of SOcial + LOcation + MObile platforms and services is a powerful, yet often misunderstood business opportunity. People often hold back on the full use of these services, because they believe companies track every move to inundate them with marketing and create a business by using their aggregated identities. And so they resist.

Therefore, one of the most important challenges for the next generation of SoLoMo-Technology is to deliver highly targeted, context-rich communications that:

  • do not harm the confidence and trust of the users
  • ensure control over their mobile identity and privacy
  • allow a diversity of 3rd parties an efficient way to benefit and hook up to such platforms and technology

The primary innovation goal of SoLoMIDEM is to build such a user-centric, multilayered, open SoLoMo platform.

However, the ‘end-user centricity’ is transcended to the level of ‘end-user empowerment’: the end-user will be able to indicate his strict preferences for personal information disclosure. In exchange for this information disclosure, he will receive personalized information and service offers (of various stakeholders). At the same time, his privacy is fully guaranteed through the integration of user-centric federated identity management solutions and location-privacy techniques.

MICT takes the lead in the user-centred research work package:

  1. Several quantitative research tracks will be performed, based on the existing Living Lab panel.
  2. An extensive iterative qualitative research track will be performed with the core panel members of the Living Lab. Goal is to scrutinize the general platform and the potential opportunities/services that could be implemented more in depth and fine-tune the concrete use cases.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/10/2012 - 31/12/2014.

Staff involved

Financed by

  • iMinds